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At Sweet Spot, we only use the finest fresh ingredients and all our sweets are prepared daily to ensure you receive the highest quality and flavour possible.

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Special to Try


Extreme Milkshake, mixed with Twix Chocolate, Milk and Soft Vanilla Ice Cream.

Classic in Milk Cheesecake

Baked cheesecake with the freshest ingredients and Melted Belgian Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Flakes & Chocolate Sauce covering.

The Classic In Milk Churros

5 Cinnamon Sugar Coated Churros, Melted Milk Belgian Chocolate Dip, Soft Served Ice Cream

Sweet Spot Special Waffle

Special Milk Waffle, Melted Belgian Chocolate, milk chocolate flakes & chocolate sauce.

Strawberry City Cookie Dough

Rounded Cookie Dough with Melted Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry Slices, Chocolate Flakes & Strawberry Sauce all over

Brownies in Milk

Dark Chocolate Cake with Melted Belgian Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Flakes & Chocolate Sauce

Mango Madness Shake

Ripe Mangoes, Melted White Belgian Chocolate, Crushed Lotus Biscuits, Biscoff Spread & Caramel Sauce

White Vader Cheesecake

Melted White Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry Slices, White Chocolate Flakes & Strawberry Sauce.

Food with a New Passion



The quality of our products is our top priority. We are proud to use locally sourced ingredients and take great care to ensure our sweets are produced to the very highest of standards



All our products are always prepared daily. With our super fast and contact-free delivery service, you will get your order delivered right to your doorstep safely and fresh



Our creative team are dedicated to delivering a rich and flavourful taste to the customer. The result is amazing sweets that offer a winning combination of taste, appearance and quality

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Sweet Spot Alloa

Welcome to Sweet Spot’s online ordering Website, where you can order crispy waffles, tasty fresh milkshakes, mouthwatering brownies, cheesecakes, and many other sweet treats.

Our creative team brings unique creations to life that offers a winning combination of taste, appearance and quality. They are passionate to provide thousands of satisfied customers with the best sweets and desserts in Alloa.

If you got a sweet tooth, then Sweet Spot is just perfect for you. Just take a look at all the sweet treats on our menu and choose your favourites. You won't be disappointed.

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